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July 17, 2019

Currently working on getting the website back up and running. Links will not work until I fix them.

January 11, 2014

Website updated before removal.

November 19, 2012

We are a week into this new website and everyone has been a lot of help. A special thank you to Andrew W. (Pup6913) for sharing his checklist with everyone. Also, to all the other Net54baseball.com members, thank you for spending the time to view the list and seeing if there's anything missing. A few changes have been made to the checklist. Variations have been added and some corrections need to be made on the following. Broadleaf backs are either a black or olive green color but not both for the same card. Because the olive green looks sometimes black on a scan, I could use some help correcting which of the two colors they might be.  One other card that needs more research is the John Miller card. Without really clear large scans, its hard to identify which of the variations should be checked off. At the moment, question marks are being used until more verification happens.  If you know of a variation that should be added to the list, please email me the information, Thanks.

November 14, 2012

Well its been a couple days since going live and things are going good.  I need to thank Joshua Levine (Wite3) for supplying me with his personal T205 list which took care of many blanks on the checklist. Thank you to all the other Net54baseball.com members who have also shared their cards and comments.  I will soon be starting the Gallery section of the website which will basically be a virtual collection of all the back scans. I have collected over 1000 scans in the past year with many nice scans coming from Joe's Vintage Sportscards, so a thank you to Joe Yanello and be sure to visit his website for many nice graded and ungraded T205's.

November 12, 2012

Hello, and thank you for visiting T205 Resource.  I'd first like to introduce myself and give you a short collecting history of myself.  My name is Ron Kornacki (Net54Baseball.com Member Ronnie73) and I have been collecting sportscards for around 33 years now.  My collecting interests are mostly in T205, T206, and T212's.  I decided to make a website where everyone can contribute to.  I was inspired by Tim Cathey and Jim Rivera from T206Resource.com and Scott Forrest from T206TheMonster.com along with many members from Net54Baseball.com who have been wanting a place to contribute to T205 knowledge.  So here it is.  Its a new website with a clean slate.  Card scans are needed for the Galleries section of the website.  The Galleries section of the website is mostly blank right now and I will be working on it soon but wanted to make the website live first to get the Master Checklist going.  Checklists are starting off blank and scans of the front and back of a card would be needed for verification and website use.  If you would like to write an article or share a story about T205's, that would be great.  If you own a website that is collectibles related and would like to be added to the Links page, please email me your link.  If you decide to share info to the website, please give your full name so you can be added to the Credits page.  The date on each page tells you when the latest update of that page was made.  Page updates will also be listed below.



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